Hell's Angel

“The Angels don’t like to be called losers, but they have learned to live with it. “Yeah, I guess I am,” said one. “But you’re looking at one loser who’s going to make a hell of a scene on the way out.”
― Hunter S. Thompson, Hell's Angels: A Strange and Terrible Saga


Avatar - Main Coon Mod by Puppy (must have the Curious Chinchill by Uchi and some modding skills)
Ears - Gauged Ears by Puppy
Eyes - Reflective Eyes by Puppy
Muzzle Piercings - Rabid Nova Muzzle Piercings
Colla Piercings - Punctured Pinup Collar Piercings
Tattoo - Corvus 'Were All Mad Here' Stomach Tattoo
Hair - Exile Rising Tides (Uber August 2014)(MESH)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer Captive Fairy Dream Pollen (Aug FaMESHed)
Top - Sugar Bondage Bustier
Skirt - Mesh Head Low Rise Denim & Snake Skirt
Bag - Remarkable Oblivion (RO)Hipster Bag (Aug FaMESHed)
Gloves - Etchaflesh Blackest Night Bondage Gloves
Boots - (r)M ePunk Boots with Socks

Poses by Ploom

Animal Friends and Me

So I could not resist these little guys when I was editing this photo, and little Sky from MishMish isn't lonely anymore!

Credits -

Avatar - Maine Coon Mod by Puppy (requires Curious Chinchilla by Uchi)
Ears - Gauged Ears by Puppy
Eyes - Reflective eyes by Puppy
Muzzle Piercings - Rabid, Nova Muzzle Piercings
Chest Piercings -Punctured Pinup Collar Piercing
Hair - Truth Malibu 2 hair (Uber August 2014) (Mesh Hair)
Top - Wild Tucked Top in Floral Print
Shorts - Wild Short Shorts in Bole
Necklace - Maxi Gossamers Erzulie's Love Charm
Bangles & Ring - Maxi Gossamers Marbella Majestic Set
Elephant - MishMish An Elephant to Hug

Pose - Ploom Poses, BCool

Uber August 2014

So I know I've been gone from blogging for quite some time, but I have reasons for that, I sort of lost the love for SL, I am slowly gaining it back, but like I said, it's a slow process. I am aiming to be online at least once a week right now, hopefully I will be around more than that. When I am there thought I am still taking pictures and shopping my little heart out, SL fashion has come such a long way in the time I have been gone ;)

So my first offering seems an appropriate one, Uber opened it's doors yesterday, this is a new monthly event hosted by the amazingly talleneted owner of Truth Hair, Mr Truth Hawks! Here you will find items from Truth, along with many other creators old and new for you to sink your teeth into.

Happy Shopping!


Avatar - Maine Coon by Puppy (this requires the Uchi Chinchilla and some modding skills)
Ears - Gauged ears by Puppy
Eyes - Reflective eyes by Puppy
Facial Piercings - Rabid, Nova muzzle Piercings.
Hair - Truth Malibu 2 (Uber aug 2014)(Mesh Hair)
Necklace - Zibska Essence in Silver/Noir (Uber Aug 2014)
Fress & Bra Top - Monso My Leather Romper in Brown (Uber Aug 2014)

Pose by Estetica, Beach Bunny.

Collabor88 July 2012 - Bleached

I am so impressed by this months Collabor88, and totally blown away by the creations that the designers came up with using such a limited colour pallet. I managed to squeeze into the sim for the first time late last night (it was always heaving) and did a quick survey of the items and managed to pick a few gorgeous items!

I think this months items speak for themselves...

Avatar - AX Burd
Hair - Magika, Nonsense
Top - Whippet & Buck Sand Island Camisole (Collabor88)
Pants - The Sea Hole Squid Row Jeans (Collabor88)
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer Garbo Graduated Necklace (Collabor88)
Setting - Trompe Loeil Sunbleached Skybox (Collabor88)
Pose - Marukin Cinnabar (Collabor88)

FaMESHed July 2012

I've been lax on the blogging side of things lately, I'm waiting on a new graphics card, a fabulous new shiny one that will let me work with shadows and all those fabulous things you can do on ultra graphics ... alas it's making me not love the graphics i currently have, but I am still working, kinda ...

Here are a few of the fabulous creations from this months FaMESHed! This gorgeous dress from Aura, well, what can I say that hasn't already been blogged before, seem's everyone is raving about it! Teamed here with the Gos Espadrilles it's a perfect fit!

Avatar - AX Burd in white
Hair - Magika, Nonsense
Necklace - HANDverk, Coral Medallion Necklace (FaMESHed)
Dress - Aura, Summer Sun in Mint
Shoes - Gos Espadrilles in Meadow.

Pose - Free from Agapee

Fairy Tales - A Tale of 2 Avatars

I went on over to see whats on offer at the Fairy Tales event, personally I thought the event was lacking in something, not really sure what though, it may be possible that when I read Fairy Tales, I thought there would be more of an emphasis on that aspect. But anyhoo, that doesnt mean that the items on offer arent beautiful in themselves and some of the creators there did go for the full Fairy Tales theme.

Here even though it's not exactly Fairy Tale, I did pick up this absolutely gorgeous MESH corset from Aura, Teamed here with the Glow Studio Key to my Heart Necklace (the long one)

I did a bit of an experiment with this one, same outfit on 2 different avatars, just to see if they looked any different, obviously with fur and ears there are things you cant add, but I think this worked out well.

Both avatars are wearing the

Ploom, Aeryn hair
Aura, Grimm Corset
Glow Studio, Key to my Heart Necklace (long)
Carolines Jewelery, Skeleton Key in Silver


I don't normally champion any specific causes, however I felt this one had to be mentioned ... STAND4LOVE is the collaboration between RicoRace Flux and Editorial Clarity. They believe like so many others that no matter whether you are Gay, Lesbian, Straight, Transgender or Bisexual, no matter your sexual orientation, creed or colour, everyone has the right to love and be loved in return without fear or discrimination.

Currently while I am writing this I am watching a chat going on in a group I am a member of, and to say I am thouroughly disgusted by the attitudes of some people because of how you chose to live your life and because of who you fall in love with is an understatement.

No one can help who they fall in love with, love is love, we all deserve it and are continually looking for it.

I whole heartedly support this cause and am offering my services free of charge to anyone who wants their picture added to this cause. Please contact me in world and we'll arrange something.

For further info on STAND4LOVE please check out RicoRacer and Claritys page @ http://stand4love.wordpress.com/about/